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Enjoy unique gourmet wood fired pizzas baked in a real 800° wood burning oven. Our pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and wings are all made fresh from scratch and fired in our oven for an amazing taste and texture. Our gourmet pizzas are even better with our extensive selection of craft beers or fine wines.

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From 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


Pizza Review St Louis

Riverfront Times 2012 Best of
St. Louis (Thin Crust) Pizza Winner

Peel Wood Fired Named Editorials Choice for Best (Thin Crust) Pizza for 2012

Brandon Case and Patrick Thirion, Chef-Owners of Peel Wood Fired Pizza in Edwardsville, Illinois are thrilled to announce that Peel has been named Best (Thin Crust) pizza by The Riverfront Times. You don't have to look very hard to find the secret to Peel Wood Fired Pizza's success. Really, you don't have to look at all. It's right there in the center of the kitchen, visible throughout the restaurant: the oven, which reaches temperatures of about 800 degrees, fueled by hardwood logs. This intense heat gives Peel's pies a gorgeous, gently blistered crust, its flavor lightly imbued with smoke, and it reduces the slabs of fresh mozzarella on the margherita pizza to beautifully molten puddles. Read More...

Peel Wood Fired Pizza was the 2012 Special Editors choice in St. Louis Magazine

Peel was chosen by St. Louis Magazines Main Editor, George Mahe, for the $$ category in the 2012 Best Restaurant Issue.


"Everything that Peel does—wood fired pizza, salads, sandwiches, wings, a ton of craft beers—it does so well that it doesn’t matter that the place is 45 minutes away. Still not convinced? Get in the car, I’ll drive."

-- George Mahe


A special thanks to ALL of our customers for sharing meals at Peel with your family & friends. We truly appreciate your business!


Peel on KTRS

Listen to Shane Overton on the John Carney show talking about Peel and giving a Big Announcement!  Learn a little bit more about why Peel is called Peel, how hot the oven is and how it works, and even how buffalo mac and cheese actually came about! 

Click HERE to listen

Specials you Wont Want to Share!


This Week's Pizza Special

Wood fired sirloin steak, shaved shallot, peach-ginger glaze, gorgonzola cheese

This Week's Dessert Special

Boston Cream Pie
Layers of vanilla cake and vanilla custard coated in dark chocolate ganache and finished with a mixed berry bourbon sauce.

September 2 - September 7

Market Fresh Salad

Southwest Salad
Romaine, sharp cheddar, wood fired sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes, house smoked bacon, bbq sauce, and avocado creme fraiche.
Side $6.99
Full $12.99






Specialty Beers Reviews Metro East St LouisBeers of The Moment

Paulaner Salvatore – Doppelbock
Munich, Germany
The Paulaner Salvator with its strong,typically malty taste is the original Paulaner. The bottom-fermented Doppelbock-Bier unites the finest hops and dark barley malt. The Paulaner monks served Salvator as a replacement for food at Lent. Their most famous brewer was Brother Barnabas, who was the head of the Paulaner monastery brewery starting from 1773. Its original recipe is today almost the same as it was in Barnabas’
time. In order to protect the original recipe, Paulaner had the trade mark
“Salvator” patented in 1896.

Ayinger Oktoberfest
Aying, Bavaria
Ayinger Oktober Fest Marzen has a deep golden color tinted with amber. It
is lightly sweet with a malty nose balanced with floral hops. Its medium
to big body and alcohol is not overpowering. The soft dryness comes from
long maturation.

Southern Tier Warlock
Lakewood, New York
Dark and mysterious, the Blackwater Series is serious about high gravity.
Reanimate your senses with Warlock’s huge roasted malt character, moderate carbonation and spicy pumpkin pier aroma.

Sierra Nevada Harvest Single Hop IPA
Chico, California
Whole-cone hops, the whole time—Sierra Nevada’s philosophy since the
beginning. They use hops in their purest form, and they’re fortunate to
get first crack at some of the rare and exciting varietals new to brew
kettles. This single-hop IPA showcases newly developed hop 291’s fruity,
berry-like aromas, complex floral character and hints of pepper. This
intriguing varietal kicks off Sierra Nevada’s five-bottle Harvest series
which features single hop, fresh hop, wet hop, and wild hop beers.

Samuel Adams Honey  Queen
Boston, Massachusettes
“Braggot” or “Mead” style beer and mead variant that was originally brewed with honey and hops. Later examples of the style used honey and malts, with hops …This golden concoction begins with the soft sweetness of its witbier roots with hints of orange and citrus. Yet these familiar flavors are taken to the next level with an exotic blend of spices reminiscent of medieval brewing. From coriander to dried plum and anise the spices combine with a bolder, richer flavor for a warm, spicy brew that’s smooth and refreshing.

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